The Principal : Mrs.  Anelize van Eeden

                       Tel:    (012)  3235766/7

              Fax:    (012)  323 1196



Director:  Mr Johan Roos

Principal: Mrs Anelize van Eeden

School hours:

There is a teacher on duty from 6:00 in the morning.

Praise and worship starts 7:30

Formal school day starts at 7:45 for the grade 1 – 7 groups and ends at 13:30 for gr. 1 – 3 and at 14:00 for gr. 4 - 7

Pre-school:  The educational programme starts in the morning at 8:00 until 12:30 where after the children have a rest period, until 14:00

Gr. R children's rest period might be adjusted according to their needs.

Potty training and toddler groups have a shorter programme and longer resting time.

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