• 1.  Kidicol  was started in 1994 to provide a practical training site for the students who were doing the Educare Diploma at Atteridgeville College now known as Tshwane South FET College.
  • 2. Kidicol was then situated in Schoeman street.  When the school expanded we moved to the premises where we currently are.
  • 3. The Educare Diploma training has since been replaced with the National Diploma in Early Childhood Development NQF level 5.
  • 4. Many of the previous students have since started their careers at Kidicol.
  • 5. The management of Kidicol was taken over by Confidence College on the 1st of December 2006.
  • 6. Mr Johan Roos is the director of Confidence College. 
  • 7. Mrs. Anelize van Eeden is the Principal.  Mrs. Van Eeden was previously the Head of Early Childhood Development at Tshwane South FET College as well as the Principal of Kidicol.
  • 8. The Confidence Campus was situated on the corner of Proes- and Prinsloo streets and have moved to the Potgieterstreet premises during February 2009.
  • 9. They previously offered up to Gr. 12. 
  • 10.  Confidence College and Kidicol currently offer education and care from babies up to gr. 7.

Additional important information:

  • Communication book:  Your child will receive a communication book.  This book must be in his/her schoolbag everyday. This is very important!!! Please make sure that you control it every day.
  • Messages:  Please use the communication book for messages for the teacher or leave the message at the office.  Teachers will not be called out of the class during teaching hours.
  • School attendance:  Please notify the school if your child is unable to attend school for more than one day or if you have any other problems which might keep the child from attending.
  • Sweets and toys:  No sweets or toys are allowed at the pre-school section.
  • Personal info: Please notify the school if your address or telephone number has changed. If you fail to do this we may not be able to contact you during an emergency.
  • Clothes:  All clothes and other belongings must be marked clearly with a permanent marker.  If any item is lost, please report it immediately the following day, lost clothing will only be kept for one month and then become the property of the school. It will then be utilized where necessary.
  • Medicine:  Mark all medicine clearly.  The type of medicine and dosage should be noted clearly. (see "sick children")
  • Schoolbags:  All schoolbags MUST be clearly marked. Please make sure that your child has the right bag and send a wrong bag back immediately.

Send an extra set of clothes every day up to gr. R

  • Arrival:  Your child must be signed in at the security guard at the school’s gate every morning.  There is a register for each section. Parents must bring their children into the school yard / premises, if not to his / her class.  No responsibility will be taken for the safety of your child if he/she was not signed in.
  • Please sign at aftercare when you fetch your child.  Taxi drivers must also sign the list.  A list will be drawn up for each taxi driver.


We follow the Gauteng Department of Education’s calendar. 

Our school closes on the the 8th of December this year for the formal school programme.

School holidays

The school will be open during school holidays for all children at nmo extra charge, except during December when the school will be open until the 15th  at a cost of R75 per day.

If you do not make use of the holiday programme during December, no school fees are payable.

No formal education will take place during the holiday programmes.


The school hours will  be as follows during holidays.

  • 6:00 - 18:00.
  • Office hours will be from 7:00 - 17:00
  • Please ensure that you arrange to pay school fees during office hours or pay directly into our account.


We need you to help us keep our files up to date.  Please make sure that you regularly update at least 3 contact numbers where we can get hold of you in case of emergency.

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